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Worldwide Famous

MD10 Collection -
The Choice of Champions

Top Quality Professional Show Grooming Shampoo & Conditioner

* Trusted by Professional Groomers, World Top Breeders
* Designed for Individual Coat Types Need
* pH 7.5 perfect for your pet coat & skin 
* Gentle to Skin, your hands, No sting to dogs eyes, no more tears and red eyes

* The longer you use the coat gets better

See the Difference | Feel the Difference

Production in SPAIN

Best Dog / Cat Shampoo Specially Formulated for Individual Coat Types & Needs

Yorkshire Terrier - Before


Used products: Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo and Silky Smooth Conditioner

Yorkshire Terrier - After

After Yorkshire[1].jpg

Coat Result: Very Smooth, Shiny, Flexible & Straight Down

West Highland Terrier - Before


Used products: 
Body: White Silky Smooth Shampoo 
Head: Texture Shampoo and Conditioner

West Highland Terrier - After


Coat Result:

Body - Silky Smooth Bright and White Coat

Head - Texture Volume Bright and White Coat

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