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What is MD10 Professional Grooming Shampoos & Conditioners?

Worldwide Selling Location

United States - China - Czech - Denmark - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hong Kong - Italy - Japan - Poland - Portugal - Slovakia - South Africa - Spain - Sweden - United Kingdom

Top Quality MD10 are used by CRUFTS BOB, Champion Dogs, Numerous BOBs, CCs and Reknowned Breeders World Wide. Originally Created for Creator Tomas' Suffering Yorkshire Terrier with Great Care.

* Trusted by Professional Groomers, World Top Breeders
* Designed for Individual Coat Types and Need
* pH 7.5 perfectly match with your dog's coat & skin 
* Gentle to Skin, your hands, No sting to dogs eyes, no more tears and red eyes

* Economical, Bio degradable- Concentrated  

* The longer you use the coat gets better
* Keep the dog's coat clean for longer than some of the shampoos on the market
* Dog smells nice longer

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