MD10 Dog Shampoo Yorkshire Terrier is Specially developed for Yorkshire Terriers.


Hydrating the skin and coat, resulting in a silky smooth and shiny appearance. Many Show Champions are benefiting from this famous shampoo. 

Also Good Shampoo for Afghan Houd with good coat (Choose Super Hydration Shampoo for White Afghan with wooly coat), Australian Silky Terrier, any dogs with Fly Away Coat. MD10 Shampoo Super Hydration can be good alternative choice, if you think more hydration is needed.

Highly recommended to be used together with Conditioner Silky Smooth or Conditioner Suer Hydration to get maximum results on Yorkshire Terrier, Dry Brittle Coat and Fly Away Coat.

MD10 Yorkhire Terrier Shampoo

  • MD10 Dog Shampoo Yorkhire Terrier is Specially developed for Yorkshire Terriers.
    Also for Silky Aghan Hound, Shih Tzu and Australian Silky Terriers.

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