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MD10 Anti Red/Yellow Stain Shampoo is Specially formulated for illuminating Red/Yellow Stain from White Coat. It works on Urine Stain, Around Mouth Water Stain, Elbow Stain. 
Application: You have to leave the shampoo on the coat 5 minutes, then rinse very well. Repeat everytime you shampoo your dog. It can be used often as every 2 days.

For Texture coat for show dogs, after this MD10 Anti Red Shampoo, use Texture shampoo to give texture back to the coat prior to the show.

You can choose between MD10 Anti Red / Yellow Shampoo or Capturine Anti Red / Yellow stain Shampoo depending on the Coat Texture and breed.

MD10 Anti Red Yellow Stain Shampoo

  • MD10 Anti Red Yellow works on Urine stains as well.

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